Clinical excellence honored at award ceremony

Baylor College of Medicine recognized its faculty leaders in excellence for patient care at the annual Faculty Awards Day ceremony, held May 17.

“The faculty we are honoring have shown outstanding leadership and commitment to our values. We are so pleased to have the opportunity to honor the excellence of clinical faculty members in three groups based on their years of service,” said Dr. Alicia Monroe, provost and senior vice president for academic and faculty affairs.

The awards included the Ben and Margaret Love Foundation Bobby Alford Award for Academic Clinical Professionalism, presented to Daryl Scott, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor of molecular and human genetics and of molecular physiology and biophysics, a clinical geneticist who cares for children with a variety of genetic disorders.

Other clinical awards included the Early Career Award for Excellence in Patient Care for faculty with two to five years of experience, the Star Award for Excellence in Patient Care for faculty with at least six years of service and the Master Clinician Award for Excellence in Patient Care for faculty with at least 15 years of experience.

These awards were established by Baylor President, CEO and Executive Dean Dr. Paul Klotman to recognize faculty for their exemplary qualities of clinical excellence and expertise, consistent high level of patient care, professionalism, commendable leadership skills and continuous service to the community.

From left to right, Drs. Glenn Levine, Sheila Laboprabhu, Alicia Monroe, Nancy Glass, Evelyn Paysse and Oluyinka Olutoye.

Recipients of the Master Clinician Award were Dr. Christopher Cassady, associate professor of radiology; Dr. Nancy Glass, professor of pediatrics; Dr. Glenn Levine, professor of medicine; Dr. Sheila Loboprabhu, associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences; Dr. Jed Nuchtern, professor of pediatric surgery; Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye, professor of pediatric surgery; Dr. Evelyn Paysse, professor of ophthalmology; Dr. David Roth, professor of urology; and Dr. Addison Taylor, professor of medicine.

See the full list of the Early Career and Star Award recipients.

The Graduating Class Outstanding Faculty Award was presented by fourth-year medical student George Polson, chair of the Medical School Student Senate, to Dr. Uma Ayyala, Dr. Andrew Caruso, Dr. Francis Gannon, Dr. Zaven Sargsyan and Dr. Stephanie Sherman.

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