Student Corner: Jake Valentine and Thuyen Nguyen

The month of February is dedicated to matters of the heart, and this is no exception when it comes to medical students at Baylor College of Medicine. To coincide with Heart Month classmates Jake Valentine and Thuyen Nguyen, both third-year medical students, are working with the Texas College of Emergency Physicians on the Texas Two Step event, a statewide, hands-only CPR training event that will emphasize the two most important steps of CPR: calling 911 and starting compressions.

The event, which takes place Feb. 6, is a collaborative effort organized by all 10 medical schools in Texas. Valentine and Nguyen, who are both interested in pursuing residencies in emergency medicine, became interested in the event, which stemmed from a previous MassCPR event organized by Baylor students. Inspired by the idea of transforming this event into a statewide one, both students jumped on board to help out, Valentine with statewide efforts and Nguyen with efforts specific to Houston.

“I believe that medicine should not be confined behind hospital doors,” said Nguyen. “The more that we can share with the community, the better off we are taking care of ourselves and each other.”

Valentine notes the support of Dr. Angela Fisher, who guided the student-run initiative and encouraged the students to reach higher. The event aims to break the Guinness World Record for ‘most people to complete CPR training in 24 hours’.

Other Baylor medical students involved in planning the event, either locally or statewide, include Shehni Nadeem, Mackenzie Hicks and Katherine Yang.