Biker riders have new repair station

Baylor faculty, staff and students who ride their bikes to campus will find a new repair station at the main Baylor building, all thanks to funding from the Student Wellness Program.

Teresa Monkkonen checks out the tire pump

Teresa Monkkonen checks out the tire pump

The bike repair station is located in the main campus courtyard, near the bike racks just outside of the ABBR.

“Many people ride their bikes to Baylor,” said Dana Larsen, a third-year medical student involved in the project. “Obviously this varies by the season and with the weather but it’s a great option for some people. As a bike rider myself, I notice that the racks in front of the school are frequently full.”

The idea of the bike repair station actually came from a student who had seen them at other places, including the HEB on Dunlavy. Students researched options, and took the idea to John Rapp, director of student affairs.

Working together, Rapp and students settled on the Park A Bike repair station, a campus standard at more than 80 universities and corporate campuses. Its features include:

  • Tire pump with built in gauge
  • A number of retractable common bicycle repair tools:
    • Hex key set
    • Torx T-25 wrench
    • Steel core tire levers (2)
    • Adjustable wrench
    • 13/15mm cone wrench
    • Phillips & standard screwdrivers

Don’t worry if you’re not the handyman type, the repair station includes a link and QR code to online instructions.

The station itself is designed to be maintenance free and the company is available to provide support if needed.

Teresa Monkkonen, a research assistant in the Michael Lewis lab at the Smith Breast Center, regularly rides her bike to work and is appreciative of the new station. “I get asked a lot by other bike riders if I have a tire pump or other tools here at work, so I’m sure this will be a big help.”

The Student Wellness Program is supported by funds raised at the student-organized BCM Wellness 5K, which also provides support for student initiatives like Recipe for Success and GLOW awards.