Q&A: Mikiba Morehead

Mikiba Morehead joined Baylor College of Medicine as Title IX coordinator and student disability coordinator in April 2015 – the first person to hold these positions at Baylor. Here’s the chance to get to know a little more about Morehead and some of the initiatives she’ll be spearheading at the College.

Mikiba Morehead

Mikiba Morehead

What does your job at Baylor entail?

Primarily, I uphold Baylor’s value of respect by providing a safe and supportive academic and work environment for students, trainees, faculty and staff. My role as Title IX Coordinator focuses on safety and support regarding sexual harassment, which includes sexual violence, relationship violence and stalking. My role as Student Disability Coordinator focuses on support specifically for students with diagnosed disabilities.

How does it feel to be the first person in the role of Title IX Coordinator and Student Disability Coordinator at Baylor? 

It feels great. I am proud to have the opportunity to lay a strong foundation and build an area of service that is sustainable, effective and allows community members to contribute to Baylor’s mission by being able to do their best work without the interference of limited access or discrimination based on their sex, gender or disability.

What are your goals for the Title IX and student disability programs here?

My goals as Title IX Coordinator are to increase Baylor’s awareness of the position, educate the community on sexual harassment, sexual violence, relationship violence and stalking, and provide support for individuals who have experienced harm in this area. As Student Disability Coordinator, my goals are to again increase the community’s awareness of the position, assist students with diagnosed disabilities in obtaining accommodations and educate the community on the value individuals with disabilities add to the fields of medicine, health sciences and research.

What has most impressed you about Baylor so far?

The amount of progress the institution has made in such a short period of time and the genuine investment the institution has made regarding building an area of support services that will add to the positive experience of all community members.

What is your professional background?

My professional background is in student affairs at traditional institutions of higher education, which include LSU, Texas A&M and UT Arlington.

What drew you to this career? I was drawn to student affairs because of the impact and great change higher education has had on my life. I specialized in the areas of student conduct, student due process rights, ethics, policy and legislation. I like the opportunity to work collaboratively with great minds to innovate and create change that has a direct impact on the experience of collegiate/professional level learners and those who support them.

Where are you from, and where did you attend college? I am from the great Commonwealth of Kentucky and grew up in a small coal town in the Appalachian Mountains. I attended the University of Louisville for undergrad and graduate school where I earned a Masters in Higher Education Administration.

What are some of your hobbies? I enjoy food. I like cooking, watching the Food Network or Cooking Channel, reading cookbooks for new recipes and, of course, eating.

Do you have any kids or pets? I have a partner, two small children and two older dogs named Snax and Kraven.