Baylor sets Mission, Vision, Values

Baylor College of Medicine recently announced new mission, vision and values to guide the institution in its planning for decades to come.

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values

These are more than just words to hang on the wall or point to for our accreditors. Our mission sets our focus, our values determine how we fulfill our mission, and our vision inspires us to daily recommit to both.

Many faculty and staff members, learners and trustees helped in their development. The discussions and debates over the last year that shaped these statements did far more than determine what verbiage to use. The input of so many people throughout the College pushed us all to wrestle with hard issues. The world of healthcare and science are rapidly changing. What is our place in this changing landscape? How do we best apply our talents, our intelligence, and our resources to positively impact the direction of change?

The mission, vision and values that emerged from this process provide the roadmap we will follow over the coming decades to improve health locally and globally.

Baylor is privileged to count among our faculty, staff and learners many talented, creative people whose energies and intelligence may be directed in a vast array of worthy pursuits. But, as with any organization resources of all forms are limited. Our mission, vision and values serve as a guide for every decision related to use of our money, our time, our space and our talents. We must ask:

  • Does this contribute to the fulfillment of our mission?
  • Will it help realize our vision?
  • Does it fit with our values?

Over the next few months you will see our mission, vision and values integrated into all our decision-making processes:

  • Annual Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Recruitment
  • Program initiation and termination
  • Faculty and staff recognition
  • Curriculum evaluation
  • Appointments and Promotions
  • Annual faculty and staff reviews
  • And many moreā€¦

More importantly, the goal is that everyone at the College will integrate them into their personal decision-making process. Every member of the Baylor family should be thinking every day about how his or her actions are contributing to fulfilling our mission, actualizing our values, and making our vision a reality.

Your department administrator will be distributing badge cards with the mission vision and values to wear with your security ID as a ready reference.