Baylor staff volunteers at Third Ward senior center for Pride Month

On June 24, Baylor College of Medicine employees spent the afternoon volunteering at the Law Harrington Senior Living Center, an LGBTQ-affirming senior living center, located in the heart of Houston’s Third Ward.

Baylor community members transformed the center’s dinner space into a colorful landscape filled with balloons, streamers and party favors – all various colors of the rainbow – to celebrate residents who had June birthdays. The lunch crowd-turned-chorus sang “Happy Birthday” to their peers and enjoyed sweet treats, like cupcakes, fresh fruit and ice cream.

Senior center residents enjoyed sharing stories of Houston’s past with volunteers before leaving with goodie bags filled with Baylor swag and snacks to bring back to their apartments.

In addition to the birthday festivities, members of the Baylor team celebrated Pride Month at the queer-friendly living space, which ensures its residents have access to a geriatric primary care clinic provided by Legacy Community Health and social services provided by The Montrose Center.

“Places like Law Harrington need to exist so that people who have lived through the history we now celebrate can be cared for,” said Aaron Nieto, communications associate for the College. “The experiences they share are a reminder of how far we have come in regard to LGBTQ+ healthcare, rights and, at a more universal level, the importance of community.”

the Law Harrington Senior Living Center on June 24, 2022.

Communications associate Homa Shalchi visits with a resident at the Law Harrington Senior Living Center on June 24, 2022.