Health Hint: Flu vaccine

Taking care of your health is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Baylor College of Medicine experts have plenty of tips to help you stay healthy. This month’s Health Hint offers focuses on the flu vaccine.

Our ability to predict what strain of flu will circulate is never perfect, and thus at times our vaccines don’t match well to what is circulating. Despite that, influenza vaccines can have a significant impact on the health of an individual as well as the health of the community. The vaccines are safe, but they are administered at a time when other viral infections are circulating, so it’s not unusual to receive the vaccine and feel like you have the cold. It’s not usually related to the vaccine – usually it’s related to a virus you had at the time you were vaccinated, but weren’t even aware that you had.”

Dr. Pedro Piedra
Professor of Molecular Virology and Microbiology


More information:

  • Baylor employees are required to receive the flu vaccine annually – it’s College policy.
  • Check the Occupational Health Program calendar for flu shot sessions that will be held at locations across campus.
  • Clinical employees may be able to get the vaccine in the clinic where they work. You may also get your flu shot from your own healthcare provider or a local pharmacy.
  • Once you’ve gotten the flu vaccine, be sure to complete the online attestation form.