Students meet their match, rain or shine!

On Friday, March 16, fourth-year medical students across the country found out where they would train for their residency programs. At Baylor College of Medicine, 187 students participated in the National Residents Matching Program.

Cloudy skies and a small rain shower did not dampen the excitement as fourth-year medical students at Baylor College of Medicine learned where they would be continuing their medical training for the next three to seven years. Match Day marks the culmination of the annual National Resident Matching Program, which pairs fourth-year medical students with residency programs throughout the nation.

“Today is called Match Day, it’s not called choice day, it’s not called selection day. It’s Match Day and in those envelopes, there will be a program that is really excited that one of their incoming people is going to be a Baylor graduate,” said Dr. Paul Klotman, president, CEO and executive dean of Baylor. “The most important thing to remember is it’s not where you go, it’s how you do when you get there, and that will be the most important thing for your next career move. Matching at the correct place, the place that wants you, will facilitate you doing the best you can.”

Of the 187 fourth-year medical students participating in the match, 110 are beginning their residencies in the primary care fields of family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, medicine/pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology or emergency medicine. Forty-three students matched with residency programs at Baylor College of Medicine and 67 matched with residency programs in Texas. More info: Match Day 2018 by the numbers

“Just remember, you are members of the Baylor College of Medicine family and as your next community of health professionals is eagerly awaiting your coming and joining their ranks, don’t forget that you are always one of ours, that you carry our brand, you carry our values, you carry our excellence and our integrity with you wherever you go,” said Dr. Alicia Monroe, provost and senior vice president of academic and faculty affairs at Baylor.

Before unwrapping the board at precisely 11 a.m. central time, class of 2018 president Justin Cardenas reminded his classmates to thank their family and friends who helped them get here. “Let us not forget our united clinical experience here at Baylor College of Medicine. We’ll always have this experience to reflect on and we’ll always be moving forward as representatives of Baylor College of Medicine,” he said.

The program also included remarks from Dr. Jennifer Christner, dean of the School of Medicine, Dr. Joseph Kass, associate dean of student affairs and George Polson, fourth-year medical student and chair of the student senate.

Learn about some of our matching students in this photo slideshow.

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It takes a village to organize and host Match Day. See College staff hard at work in this photo slideshow.

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