Spotlight: Laura Coleman

Every month we focus on an outstanding staff member of the BCM Family. This month, it’s Laura Coleman with BCM BeWell in Human Resources.

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Laura Coleman

Laura Coleman

Name: Laura Coleman

Title: Wellness Associate

Department: Human Resources

How long have you been at BCM? 11 months

What’s your favorite thing about working at BCM? The people. Everyone I have met in person or virtually has been so helpful and welcoming to me as a new employee.

How are you coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, and how has it impacted your job? My coping skills have been pushed to their limit this past year, but as of right now things are going well – I’m just ready to get back into the world. Working in wellness, we have been able to do most things virtually, and we hope that everyone has found great resources and tools during this difficult time. Human Resources continues to provide the best service for employees at BCM without any issues. The department works well as a team and has great communication with each other.

Where were you born? Kingwood, Texas

What is your favorite kind of food? Probably tacos. You can make so many flavor combinations – they never get boring!

What is your favorite restaurant in Houston, and at that restaurant your favorite dish? Bella Green. I really enjoy their goat cheese arugula salad with grilled chicken. I have only been back in Houston for a year so I am hoping to try some new food once everything is safe! True Food Kitchen is next on my list! Flower Child is also fantastic.

What’s on your music playlist? Anything but country! My sister works for a record label and so I get lots of free music from her, always different genres. If I had to pick, my favorite artist right now is Ben Rector.

What is your dream vacation? On a tropical beach soaking up some great vitamin D with a nice book or podcast in hand.

What have you binged watched recently? “Schitt’s Creek” – Best show ever! Or any cooking show.

Complete this sentence: Most people wouldn’t know that I … love to build things. I used to help my dad build furniture when I was growing up, and I would like to get back into learning how to do carpentry work.

What are some of your personal hobbies? Eating. Also, learning how food can be used to promote health. It’s so interesting to learn, for instance, that tomatoes have been shown to lower the risk of prostate cancer for men or how giving up diary for my toddler got rid of her ear infections!

Last book you read or podcast you listened to? “Brain Food” by Dr. Lisa Mosconi and “Fiber Fueled” by Dr. Will Bulsiewicz. My top two favorite podcasts are “The Broken Brain” and “The Doctors Farmacy.“

Any kids? Pets? Yes! Two dogs. Both of them are goldendoodles (Harvey and Olive). They are the best dogs on the planet. Two daughters, Piper and Ella – 2 ½ and 8 months old. They are precious and a wonderful blessing.

Favorite food on campus? I have only worked remotely, so I have no idea!

Favorite BCM/Medical Center hangout? My home office!