BeWell emphasizes holistic well-being

Over the last 12 months, the importance of well-being has become increasingly apparent both in the workplace and at home. In its eighth year, BCM BeWell will continue to provide and communicate resources in all dimensions of health and well-being.

7 dimensions of wellness

“Using this tool to help create positive daily habits is a long-term investment into your health and well-being,” said new wellness representative Laura Coleman. She has been working in corporate well-being for more than seven years and has done countless hours of research into what makes a person thrive at work and home. “This portal can help you stay motivated and engaged because you earn points along the way toward a premium reduction, gift cards or wearable devices. For easier access, we recommend that you download the Vitality Today app so you can earn points and rewards on the go,” she said.

Another great way to engage in the BCM BeWell virtual options is through the intranet page. The intranet page lists discounts from multiple vendors and offers recorded wellness presentations so participants can access the information and earn wellness credit when it is most convenient for them. Adding the calendar of events intranet page to your bookmark tab on your browser allows you to always stay up to date on current challenges and activities that BCM BeWell is promoting during the year. 

Based on feedback from the 2020 participant survey, BCM BeWell will offer new initiatives to help participants reach their individual program goals. The BCM BeWell 1:1 Consultation is available to set up a meeting with wellness representative to answer any questions participants might have regarding wellness, incentive goals, etc. In order to promote social wellness in a time when physical distancing is still practiced, BCM BeWell is offering two new programs. First, the new BCM BeWell Buddy program will pair two Baylor employees with similar goals for the year to help each other stay accountable. It’s a great opportunity to meet new colleagues as well! Also, BCM BeWell will be implementing a virtual book club starting in January 2021.

You might be asking, “What about Getaway to Good Health?” While the U.S. challenge ended in 2020 with participants accumulating more than 20 million miles since 2015 and returning to Houston, BCM BeWell plans to start another multi-year challenge in 2022 that will allow participants to ‘travel the world.’

During COVID-19, BCM BeWell also is aware of the need for enhanced services for behavioral health. Baylor offers both internal and UnitedHealthcare options for in-person assistance and tele-mental health offerings for all employees and learners who might need these resources. BCM BeWell also will start awarding BCM BeWell Vitality points, which can be redeemed on the wellness portal, for completion of the Well-Being Index, a brief online self-assessment that provides immediate individualized feedback, tools and national/local resources to support well-being.

-By Courtney Richardson