Student Corner: PA Program student Joselyn Braimah

Baylor joins in recognition of National PA Week, Oct. 6 – 12. Physician assistants are an important part of the healthcare team. Baylor value its PAs working in our clinics and students who are training to become physician assistants. Learn more about first-year student Joselyn Braimah in the School of Health Professions’ Physician Assistant Program.

Where are you from? I am originally from Accra, Ghana, West Africa, but I moved for college and attended Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, La.

Joselyn Braimah

Joselyn Braimah

What made you interested in becoming a PA? There were a variety of factors that played into this decision, but the major driving force was the flexibility in specialties in the PA profession. Having the ability and capacity to practice in many fields will equip and allow me to provide at least the minimal care for a variety of different illnesses for any patient that I might come across in the future. I am grateful for this profession.

What made you choose Baylor? My decision to choose Baylor was based not solely on the rigor of the academic program but particularly on the student atmosphere during interview day. Students that I interacted with seemed genuinely happy and excited to be in the program. They were honest about the intensity of the program and shared with us how wonderful and kind the faculty was to every one of them. It felt as though every one of the students had a personal relationship with the faculty, which I really appreciated.

What has your training experience been like so far? What part of your training are you in right now? My classmates and I are currently in the didactic year of the program now. It has been a hard and stressful couple of semesters. So far, I am still not sure what to make of my experiences as most of them have been severely impacted by COVID-19. However, I will say that the unity and community that has developed amongst our class, as well as the support and encouragement that we receive from the second-year students in the program and from our faculty have been great, and that is what’s making the training experience enjoyable. My classmates are hilarious, they keep me sane.

What do you want to do once you graduate from the program? I do not have specific plans yet, as previous life experiences have shown me that life is unpredictable. I do, however, hope to start practicing and growing as a PA, developing and honing my skills from experienced physicians and clinicians.

-By Dipali Pathak