Welsh Minister for Education visits Baylor

In September, Baylor’s Michael E. DeBakey Department of Surgery hosted the Welsh Minster for Education, Kirsty Williams, at the College as a part of an ongoing collaboration between Baylor and Swansea University in Wales.

Led by Dr. Stuart Corr, assistant professor of surgery and director of the Interdisciplinary Surgical Technology and Innovation Center (INSTINCT) at Baylor, the visit included an overview of Baylor’s rich history of involvement in the Houston community, a tour of Baylor’s Simulation Lab and the Michael E. DeBakey Library and Museum, and a visit with the BCM Ventures group.

The goal of the visit was to discuss the ongoing collaboration and plan for future opportunities, according to Corr.

“The visit was a leading example of INSTINCTs engagement with the Texas Medical Center-UK Biobridge program that was launched last year in London,” Corr said. “INSTINCT plans to continue its collaborations with both Wales and the overall TMC-UK Biobridge program, working in conjunction with the TMC Innovation Institute, the UK Department of International trade and the Association of British Healthtech Industries.”

Corr currently has three active collaborations with Swansea University:

  • INSTINCT Summer Innovation Program: each year, a select number of Swansea students spend six weeks at Baylor and take part in an intensive biodesign innovation program where they come up with innovative solutions to solve clinical problems. To date, 27 Swansea students have participated in the program.
  • A research collaboration to develop new methods for growing single-walled nanotubes for applications in the energy and medical therapeutics sectors.
  • A collaboration to develop new simulation systems for surgical education and training.

By Dipali Pathak