Student Corner: All the white coats

For students training to be healthcare professionals, the white coat symbolizes their responsibility and commitment to provide compassionate patient care. This summer, students in three of the College’s training programs received their white coats in separate ceremonies.

Dr. Alicia Monroe, provost and senior vice president of academic and faculty affairs, addressed students on the significance of the white coat. “When you were selected to be students at Baylor, it was not just based on your academic record. It was also because we believe you have a commitment to the core principle of the practice of medicine, which is caring for patients and responding to their needs,” she said. “In short, we believe you that you will take the responsibility of your medical education seriously and you will aspire to excellence.”

Orthotics and Prosthetics White Coat Ceremony

June 15, Cullen Auditorium

Students in the Orthotics and Prosthetics Program, part of Baylor’s School of Health Professions, receive their white coats upon the completion of their didactic training. Their next step is the 18-month clinical residency and research portion of their training, where they provide full-time care to patients under the supervision of a preceptor.

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Physician Assistant White Coat Ceremony

July 20, Cullen Auditorium

Trainees in the Physician Assistant Program, also part of the School of Health Professions, receive their coats as second-year students, after 13 months of basic science learning and signifying their entry into the clinical phase of training.

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School of Medicine White Coat Ceremony

Aug. 10, Bayou City Events Center

Medical students receive their white coats as they enter the School of Medicine. They wear the coats throughout their training as a reminder of the privilege and responsibility of the profession they are entering.

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The School of Medicine Family Day was held the following day, on Aug. 11. Family and guests join their first-year medical students for campus tours and presentations by faculty. See a Family Day photo gallery.