Health Hint: Golf injuries

Taking care of your health is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Baylor College of Medicine experts have plenty of tips to help you stay healthy. This month’s Health Hint focuses on avoiding a common golf injury.

Hitting the links as the weather turns warmer? Pay attention to these tips to avoid injury to the wrist, one of the more common injuries in golfers of all levels.

  • For the occasional golfer, avoid overdoing it on the first trip to the course. Maybe play nine instead of 18 holes. Pre-exercise heat, stretching and occasional use of anti-inflammatory medication prior to playing can be effective as well.
  • Avoid striking the ball with herculean force. This, in combination with an amateur’s poor swing mechanics, can lead to grounding the club and can cause wrist injury. Instead, slow it down and concentrate on form and tempo.
  • If you suffer a wrist injury, treat with ice and gradually return to the sport over two weeks. If you’re still experiencing pain, see a sports medicine physician.”

Dr. Thomas Hunt, professor and chair of orthopedic surgery

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