Employees honored for representing BCM values

The You FIRST program at Baylor has launched a new program to recognize faculty and staff for the outstanding work that they do, built around the College values of Respect, Innovation, Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence.

Called the RIITE Role Model program, it awards faculty and staff on a quarterly basis for high performance and exceptional contributions that directly advance the College’s values and overall mission. Faculty and staff are nominated for the awards by their peers in one of five categories that align with the College’s values, and a review panel evaluates all entries and selects winners. Winners receive points that are redeemable through the RIITE Rewards website. In addition, winners receive a trophy and a luncheon that includes their department chair, center director or supervisor, as well as an invitation to the RIITE Role Model of the Year ceremony.

Read more online about the RIITE Role Model program, including nomination instructions. Winners for Fiscal Year ’17 Quarter 1 are listed below, along with highlights from their nomination.

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Megan L. Coombs

Senior Administrative Assistant

Department of Virology and Microbiology

Nominated by Myra Miranda

“It is with great pleasure to nominate Ms. Megan Coombs for consideration for the RIITE Role Model  Excellence Award in recognition of her outstanding actions that help improve quality, efficiency, productivity, employee morale and service here at Alkek Center for Metagenomics and Microbiome Research. Megan’s positive attitude and professionalism is noticed by all who surround her. She is used to working under pressure when it’s crunch time and has always managed to solve stressful situations without anyone noticing that there was a situation even occurring. Megan strives for greatness and is all around effective and efficient. She truly brings everyone here together and people not only see her loyalty, but feel it which shows immediately with how she is trusted. Megan’s positive attitude encourages open communication across the board, and is always encouraging of new ideas.”


Dr. Roger Zoorob

Chair and Professor

Department of Family and Community Medicine

Nominated by Anna Perales

“Dr. Zoorob became the chair of family and community medicine in March 2014. I believe Dr. Zoorob has brought great change in the department. I believe one of his biggest qualities is his compassion for his employees. I have a mother who is very ill right now and Dr. Zoorob and Sara Rahman our administrator make it a point to ask me how she’s doing. He has allowed my schedule to be flexible so that I can be with my mother during her treatments. This means the world to me! I have worked with Baylor a long time and I have never seen or felt this much compassion from another employer that I have worked with. I believe not all bosses would do this for their employees but mine does and I am truly grateful for this and will always be grateful to him for giving me the opportunity to be with my mother during this time in her life. I’m not sure if this is a qualification of being a leader, but I think so. I think a person who has compassion for others is a true testament of what a leader should be.”


Gloria Cazarez

Senior Benefits Representative

Human Resources

Nominated by Monica Williams

“Gloria is the project lead over both Baylor’s student (medical, allied health and graduate) and Global Health/BIPAI population. Gloria, with mentorship by the director of benefits and team lead, developed a monthly auditing style using MS Excel and email communication to both area’s contacts and swiftly determine what action needed to be taken. Both of the invoicing plans now run smoothly and Gloria has had the student plan and BIPAI credited more than $15,000 dollars within the last couple of years. Gloria continues to seek new innovative ways to handle the job roles she has been tasked with and it has been noticed and very much appreciated. Her interaction with the students and Global Health population as we well as the plan administrators and Dr. Monroe and Dr. Harris on the students’ plans has always been professional and courteous.”


Curriculum and Faculty Development Leadership Team

Dr. Frederick A. Pereira, associate professor, Huffington Center on Aging; Dr. Nadia Ismail, associate professor of medicine; Dr. Geeta Singhal Das, associate professor of pediatrics; Dr. Anne Gill, associate professor of pediatrics; Dr. Nana Coleman, assistant professor of pediatrics; Derek Haseltine, director of career development, Institutional Diversity and Student Services; Dr. Lechauncy Woodard, associate professor of medicine; Christopher Burnett, project manager, Center for  Educational Outreach; Dr. Antonie Rice, senior faculty in the Department of Pediatrics-Tropical Medicine; Dr. Melissa Anne Suter, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology

Nominated by Dr. Susan Marriott

“These 10 exemplary individuals are members of the Team Launch Curriculum and Faculty Development team, including diverse faculty members and a project manager, and have worked tirelessly over the past six months to develop the first course within the Team Launch project, the Quality Enhancement Plan that is associated with Baylor’s SACSCOC reaffirmation process. The goal of Team Launch is to build three innovative, interdisciplinary courses to help prepare all Baylor students for careers in team-based science and healthcare. The Team Launch courses are exceptionally well-aligned with our Baylor mission and values and offer an important opportunity to place Baylor at the forefront of growing national recognition of teamwork as an essential career skill for graduates of health sciences universities. The CFD team truly models the characteristics of a high-performing team including psychological safety to express ideas, excellent communication skills, collective decision-making about direction, division of labor, and ability to solve problems proactively and amicably.”