New representatives join Baylor’s Faculty Senate

The Baylor College of Medicine Faculty Senate welcomed 12 new and 19 returning senators at its June 9 meeting. The senators also voted to re-elect two officers: Dr. Hugo Bellen as basic sciences representative and Dr. Jeffrey Starke as clinical sciences representative.

One-third of Senate seats were up for election this year. Full- and part-time faculty members first chose their department, center, school or affiliate representatives and then voted for at-large representatives.

Newcomers to the Faculty Senate include Dr. LeChauncy Woodard, representing the department of medicine, Dr. Ashwin Viswanathan, neurosurgery, Dr. Richard Strax, radiology, Dr. Mark Harbott, representing Ben Taub Hospital, and Dr. David P. Graham, DeBakey VA Medical Center.

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Drs. Penelope Bonnen, Araceli Flores, Efua Leke, Francisco Orejuela and Norman Sussman are new at-large senators.

For an institution just completing its first year, voter turnout was good and most races were competitive, said Dr. Mary Dickinson, senate chair.

“The senate is becoming a trusted partner with the faculty as a whole, the administration and our Board of Trustees to strengthen the College,” she said. “We have a brilliant and energetic faculty contributing their time and energy to make our senate an effective and productive branch of our institution.”

Dickinson named revising the faculty vacation policy, opting-out of the Texas Open Carry Law, reinstating a revised interview process for J-1 visa candidates and raising graduate student stipends as major accomplishments of the Faculty Senate in 2016.

In the new academic year, the senate education committee will be involved in strategic planning with the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, while the administrative operations committee will continue to work with finance on budget management tools for faculty, Dickinson said.

Electoral Unit Elections Results

  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – Dr. Michael Schmid
  • Medicine (2 positions) – Dr. Sandeep Agarwal, Dr. LeChauncy Woodard
  • Neurosurgery – Dr. Ashwin Viswanathan
  • Orthopedic Surgery – Dr. William Phillips
  • Pathology & Immunology – Dr. Thuy Phung
  • Pediatrics – Dr. Eric Williams
  • Pharmacology – Dr. Yongcheng Song
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Dr. Aloysia Schwabe
  • Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences – Dr. Natalie Hundt
  • Radiation Oncology – Dr. Henry Mok
  • Radiology – Dr. Richard Strax
  • Center for Space Medicine – Dr. Dorit Donoviel
  • Dan Duncan Cancer Center – Dr. Susan Hilsenbeck
  • School of Allied Health Sciences – Dr. Donovan Earley
  • School of Medicine – Dr. Anne Gill
  • Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center – Dr. George Van Buren
  • Ben Taub Hospital – Dr. Mark Harbott
  • DeBakey VA Medical Center – Dr. David P. Graham

At-Large Election Results

  • Dr. Jonnae Atkinson, family and community medicine
  • Dr. Matthew Baker, biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Dr. Penelope Bonnen, molecular and human genetics
  • Dr. Helen Dunnington, obstetrics and gynecology
  • Dr. Araceli Flores, psychiatry and behavioral sciences
  • Dr. Lynnette Harris, pediatrics
  • Dr. Sandra Haudek, medicine
  • Dr. Efua Leke, obstetrics and gynecology
  • Dr. Allen Milewicz, pediatrics surgery
  • Dr. Francisco Orejuela, obstetrics and gynecology
  • Dr. Steve Scherer, molecular and human genetics
  • Dr. Norman Sussman, surgery
  • Dr. David Young, anesthesiology