Baylor recognizes excellence among clinicians

A select group of Baylor College of Medicine faculty members were recognized for excellence in patient care at the Master Clinician and Rising Star Clinician Awards ceremony June 16.

2016 Master and Rising Star Clinician Award recipients.

Top row: Dr. Joohi Jimenez-Shahed, Dr. James Suliburk, Dr. Ibrahim Omeis, Dr. Eric Silberfein, Dr. Christian Schaaf, Dr. Joseph Kass, Dr. Yvonne Chu, Dr. Bruno Chumpitazi, Dr. Binoy Chandy, Dr. Mohan Pammi, Dr. Monica Lopez and Dr. Julie Nangia. Bottom row: Dr. Sylvia Hsu, Dr. Christie Ballantyne, Dr. Joseph Coselli, Dr. Milton Finegold, Dr. Stephen Pflugfelder, Dr. Anita Deswal, Dr. James Adams and Dr. Arthur Beaudet.

The awards were established by Baylor President, CEO and Executive Dean Dr. Paul Klotman to recognize faculty for their exemplary qualities of clinical excellence and expertise, consistent high level of patient care, professionalism, commendable leadership skills and continuous service to the community.

The Master Clinician Award is for full professors with 15 or more years of clinical service at Baylor, while the Rising Star Clinician Award recognizes assistant and associate professors with at least five years of clinical service.

After an introduction by Dr. Alicia Monroe, Baylor provost and senior vice president for academic and faculty affairs, the awards were presented by Klotman and Dr. Biykem Bozkurt, professor of medicine – cardiology at Baylor, who served as chair of the Master Clinician and Rising Star Clinician selection committee.

“When I first arrived here, I remember many people talking about the strength of our research, but I felt it was important to also recognize our clinicians. At the end of the day, taking care of patients is one of the most important things we do at an academic medical center,” Klotman said, noting that Baylor physicians see almost half of the patients in the Texas Medical Center.

2016 Master Clinician Award recipients

Dr. James Adams, professor of pediatrics

Dr. Christie Ballantyne, professor of medicine

Dr. Arthur Beaudet, professor molecular and human genetics

Dr. Joseph Coselli, professor of surgery

Dr. Anita Deswal, professor of medicine

Dr. Milton Finegold, professor of pathology & immunology

Dr. Sylvia Hsu, professor of dermatology

Dr. Stephen Pflugfelder, professor of ophthalmology

2016 Rising Star Award recipients

Dr. Binoy Chandy, assistant professor of otolaryngology

Dr. Yvonne I. Chu, assistant professor of ophthalmology

Dr. Bruno P. Chumpitazi, assistant professor of pediatrics

Dr. Joohi Jimenez-Shahed, assistant professor of neurology

Dr. Joseph S. Kass, associate professor of neurology

Dr. Timothy C. Lee, assistant professor of surgery

Dr. Monica E. Lopez, assistant professor of surgery

Dr. Julie Nangia, assistant professor in the Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center

Dr. Ibrahim Omeis, assistant professor of neurosurgery

Dr. Mohan Pammi, associate professor of pediatrics

Dr. Christian P. Schaaf, assistant professor of molecular and human genetics

Dr. Eric J. Silberfein, associate professor of surgery

Dr. James W. Suliburk, assistant professor of surgery