Smith Breast Center adds yoga for patients

Baylor’s clinical faculty and staff are committed to their patients’ wellbeing, and at the the Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center a new program focuses on all aspects of patient health. The center is now offering weekly free yoga sessions at the Baylor Clinic for patients and their caregivers – an extra service that may help survivors cope with the effects of long-term treatment.

Dr. Polly Niravath

Dr. Polly Niravath

“There is really good data that regular exercise helps with depression, problems with memory and attention and fatigue,” said Dr. Polly Niravath, assistant professor in the Smith Breast Center and an expert in breast cancer survivorship.

Yoga can be relaxing, and it is an excellent form of exercise, she said.

With support from Theresa’s Research Foundation, the Smith Breast Center is now offering weekly yoga sessions with certified yoga instructor Marti Ewing who has special training in yoga for breast cancer patients.

Ewing offers a mix of recuperative yoga, strength building, meditation and breathing techniques for all levels.

“The Foundation is a strong advocate of programs that can help support patients,” said Josh Newby, director of Theresa’s Research Foundation. “For me personally I am excited to support this yoga program as my mother who passed away of metastatic breast cancer was someone who loved yoga and believed it helped her better handle the rollercoaster of treatment she faced.”

Classes are available every Thursday at 4:30 p.m. at the Baylor Clinic.