Students and residents exemplify qualities of humanism

A group of fourth-year medical students and residents were inducted into the Gold Humanism Honor Society in a ceremony in Cullen Auditorium March 11. They were selected for the honor for displaying exceptional humanism in their patient care.

Medical students are recognized for their humanism

Medical students are recognized for their humanism

Students and residents are nominated by their peers and selected by a faculty review panel. The Gold Humanism Honor Society is an international organization that recognizes, supports and promotes the values of humanism and professionalism in medicine. Established in 2002, it is named for Dr. Arnold P. Gold, a child neurologist at Columbia University, and its mission is to work within and beyond medical education to inspire, nurture and sustain lifelong advocates and activists for compassionate patient care.

“We are incredibly humbled and honored by the distinction that is being bestowed on us,” said fourth-year student Priya Kumar.

She told first-year students in attendance that they will one day have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of patients, and to remember the values of humanism, compassion and empathy.

“You can change their lives for the better, even as the least experienced person on the care team,” she said.

To faculty and residents, she said to remember the influence they have on students and to instill the values of humanism.

The 2015 medical school inductees included: Gilad Birnbaum, Nicholas Brown, Ryan Byrne, Kyle Carpenter, Diana Carrasco, Diane Chen, Rachel Conrad, Sara Cromer, Kevin Eaton, Andrew Franco, Katherine Hathaway, Holly Hoey, Mark Kissler, Priya Kumar, Julia McGuinness, Juliet Morgan, Matthew Reddoch, Ashley Rider, Christopher Rizk, Rachel Solnick, Melissa Wallace, Benjamin Welling, Kaitlin Williamson, Tiana Won and Hashim Zaidi.

The 2015 resident inductees included: Megha Agrawal, Naseem Alavian, Sarah Ansari, Alfred Balasa, Christina Brown, Lin Dai, An Hong Dinh, Kamilah Dixon-Shambley, Stephanie Hernandez, Dustin Hipp, Gary Horn, Suni Jani, Joseph Kurian, Tony Pastor, Gisselle Perez-Millicua, Kathryn Putnam, Sameen Raza, Ezekiel Sachs, Jennifer Saenz, Kaylin Siever, Farzad Soleimani, Julian Swanson, Marissa Wagner Mery and John Wilkes.

Medical students provided an overview of the outreach projects they are involved in as part of the Gold Humanism Honor Society. These include participating in Veteran Appreciation Day at the Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center, raising money for the Ronald McDonald House, hosting a clothing drive for patients at Ben Taub Hospital and other events.

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