Breakfast with the Docs aimed at internal referrals

The inaugural “Breakfast with the Docs” was held Jan. 14 to kick off a campaign aimed at expanding the internal referral network for Baylor College of Medicine physicians. The breakfast marked the first element of the campaign.

Baylor Family Medicine welcomed doctors from cardiology and general internal medicine for breakfast and to discuss ways to enhance the referral process. Patients benefit when their doctors work closely together, keeping their specific needs in mind, and this event was aimed at fostering those close relationships between physicians.

“‘Breakfast with the Docs’ is just one way we are looking to leverage the resources we have,” said Misty Miller, director of business development for Baylor College of Medicine, “It is meant to provide a venue for building meaningful relationships in order to increase internal referral efficiency.”

More than 40 people attended the event, including physicians, administrators and other staff members. The feedback from the event showed that attendees were engaged and excited about the new efforts.

The event was initiated by the Referral Committee, a group focused on building the internal networks at Baylor and increasing referrals within the Baylor system. The Committee will be hosting ongoing opportunities to increase internal collaboration and engagement, with the ultimate goal of increasing patient access to excellent care.

For more information on how your department can be involved, contact Misty Miller at