TMC Orchestra program aims to bring music to patients

Baylor students and faculty who perform with the TMC Orchestra have extolled the benefits they receive from being part of the group. It serves as an artistic outlet and stress reliever for many of them. Now they have the opportunity to give back through a new program of the TMC Orchestra called Houston’s Orchestra On Call.

TMC Orchestra performing during the workday

TMC Orchestra performing during the workday

The program will bring musicians together to perform at hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, hospices, medical schools and other health care facilities, health-related societies and associations in the Houston area. Concerts will take place in open spaces such as lobbies, cafeterias, waiting rooms, parks and auditoriums.

The goal is to enhance patients’ lives as they go through the process of diagnosis, treatment and recovery within a medical setting and to relieve emotional and mental stress in patients, families, doctors, staff and other health-allied professionals, said Carlos Jung, assistant orchestra conductor.

“We believe that this program would be a nice opportunity for BCM students who would like to help the community through the healing art of music not only in their capacity as health professionals but also as musicians. Needless to say, performing at Baylor would definitely be an option in the future.”

Carlos Jung

For patients and their families, the orchestra concerts may help decrease anxiety, aid in expressing emotions and help to improve communication. For the musicians, in addition to experiencing the joy of making music in a community orchestra, they will also experience the rewarding feeling of helping others in the recovery process through the healing art of music. The orchestra will offer programs that provide opportunity for reflection, inspiration and education for the audience and the membership. Repertoire will range from classical to pops, according to Jung.

Houston Orchestra On Call members will also be encouraged to form chamber ensembles (duos, trios, quartets, etc.) to perform for smaller groups of patients, families and staff. Musicians will interact more closely with the audience while performing relevant and meaningful music, helping the target audience meet physical, emotional and social needs in a more personal way.

Students at Baylor with orchestra experience who are interested in the program can email for more information.