Health Hint

Taking care of your health is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Baylor College of Medicine experts have plenty of tips to help you stay healthy. This month’s Health Hint offers advice on protecting yourself against mosquitos that can carry West Nile and other viruses.

  • Mosquito repellent is the best line of defense – look for one containing DEET or picardin.
  • Avoid being outdoors between dusk and dawn – this is when the mosquitoes carrying the virus are most active.
  • During the day, avoid stirring these mosquitoes up in areas that have tall grass. Protect yourself from mosquitoes if you plan to garden or do work outdoors.
  • Be sure vulnerable populations, such as older adults and children, are using mosquito repellent.
  • Don’t become complacent as the summer goes on – the majority of infections occur between July and September.
  • If possible, wear long pants and long sleeves when outdoors.

Dr. Kristy Murray, associate professor of pediatrics in Baylor’s National School of Tropical Medicine