Center for Professionalism update

The Center for Professionalism in Medicine continues to offer lectures, recognition and other resources related to professionalism to Baylor faculty and students, with several new initiatives on the way.

The Center was initiated by Dr. Paul Klotman and got off the ground earlier this year when Dr. Ellen M. Friedman, professor of  otolaryngology and pediatrics, was appointed director.

The focus of the Center is to instill the values of professionalism while also offering ways to recognize members of the community who exhibit the values of professionalism as well as remediation and resolution when lapses occur.

Lecture Series

Dr. Alicia Monroe delivers a professionalism lecture

Dr. Alicia Monroe delivers a professionalism lecture

The Center continued its Profiles in Professionalism Lecture Series with three talks by Dr. Alicia Monroe, provost and senior vice president of academic affairs and faculty affairs.

She spoke to residency program and assistant program directors and clerkship directors on “Effective Tools for the Toolbox: Being a Steward of the Learning Environment;” to clinical and basic science faculty on “Self-Care and Effective Role Modeling;” and to medical and allied health students on “Becoming Professionals: Managing the Challenge.” The 4 p.m. lecture is available on the Professionalism webpage for those who could not attend the event.

Dr Monroe’s interactive presentation to students had them sharing with each other a recent example of a professional behavior they witnessed first-hand, and how it made them feel. After students’ wrote down their thoughts, the group discussed facilitators and barriers to professional behavior.

Next up will be a lecture series on effective communication, with three talks scheduled:

  • Communication as a Teacher,  Thursday, Aug. 7
  • Communication as a Clinician, Thursday, Sept.18
  • Communication as a Colleague, Thursday, Nov. 13

All talks will be from 4 to 5 p.m. in M112 with refreshments following. Each of the sessions are open to the entire Baylor community and offers 1.0 credits of education in medical ethics and/or professional responsibility.

These lectures as well as other events related to professionalism now can be found in one central location on an online calendar. Items for the calendar can be submitted to Andrea Croft at

POP Awards

The Power of Professionalism, or POP, Awards are presented monthly to faculty, students and residents who display the characteristics of professionalism that are so highly valued here at BCM. Recent awards have been presented to Dr. Adriana Strutt, assistant professor of neurology, and to medical students Jaden Schupp, Meha Goyal, Norman Ali and Jebran Haddad.

Award recipients received a pin and a small prize as well as recognition from Dr. Paul Klotman and/or Friedman. Find more information and nominate online. 

Professionalism advocacy and resources

Professionalism champions from throughout the college have been enlisted to provide remediation when lapses in professionalism occur. These individuals will attend a presentation by Dr. Gerald Hickson of Vanderbilt University who will train them in the “cup of coffee” approach. This approach allows for self-correction of unprofessional behaviors after a brief conversation with a professionalism champion – over a cup of coffee, perhaps – and generally no further action is needed.

A Peer Coaching Council also has been established for people who wish to obtain mentoring in professionalism skills. It will be chaired by Dr. Joe Kass, associate professor of neurology. More information on this council will be available soon on the Center for Professionalism website.

Finally, an Integrity Hotline is in place for people to report concerns about unprofessional behavior. People making claims may choose to identify themselves or report an issue anonymously, and updates on resolution of the incident will be provided. The hotline number is 855-764-7292. Learn more about this resource online.