You FIRST winners

Every quarter, the You FIRST program honors faculty and staff members from throughout the college for their exceptional work. The You FIRST program strives to create a positive work environment through the reward program and other events and activities. Winners for FY14 Quarter 3 are:

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Clinical Faculty of the Quarter

Dr. Heidi Schwarzwald

Associate Professor


Clinical Leader of the Quarter

Karen Crutchfield-Porter

Patient Accounts Supervisor

Patient Business Services

Clinical Employee of the Quarter

Pat Mouish

Registered Nurse II

Medicine – Outpatient Clinic

Clinical Administrative Professional of the Quarter

Linda Johnston

Academic Administrator

Medicine – Residency Program

Academic/Central Administration Professional of the Quarter

Nellie Villarreal

Business Manager

Baylor Licensing Group

Academic/Central Administration Leader of the Quarter

Dr. Lynn Yeoman



Research Faculty of the Quarter

Dr. Carl Allen

Assistant Professor

Pediatrics – Oncology

Research Leader of the Quarter

Ou Shi

Clinical Laboratory Supervisor

Molecular and Human Genetics

Research Administrative Professional of the Quarter

Robin Sample

Administrative Coordinator III

Pediatrics – Hematology/Oncology

Research Technical Staff/Postdoc

Rebecca Corrigan

Research Assistant II

Molecular and Human Genetics

In addition, the first You FIRST employee of the quarter at Children’s Hospital of San Antonio has been named for Fiscal Year 14 Quarter 3. It is:

Employee of the Quarter

Children’s Hospital of San Antonio

Dr. Elizabeth Roeder

Associate Professor

Pediatrics – Genetics