Let BCM help with healthy goals for 2014

Many people resolve to make healthy lifestyle choices in the new year. That’s exactly what Matt Price did two years ago, and he took advantage of employee discounts offered by Baylor College of Medicine to help him achieve his goal. 

Price is a senior project manager in the division of cardiothoracic surgery in the department of surgery. He encourages other BCM employees to investigate the wellness-related discounts offered by the College. From gym memberships to meal programs, there’s sure to be something to suit your needs and lifestyle.

For Price, joining Weight Watchers was just what he needed. He started the program in February 2012 and since then has lost 119 pounds.

“It’s a huge burden to be overweight,” Price said. “Everyday things that shouldn’t be hard were getting more and more difficult. I was just tired of being overweight, and the time had finally come to make a change.”

He points out that there’s nothing gimmicky about Weight Watchers. The program advocates eating healthy, portion control and exercise, which Price was able to squeeze in during his lunch hour by making loops between St. Luke’s and the Baylor Clinic. The key element for Price was accounting for his progress at weekly meetings, where he also benefited from the support of a community of people facing the same challenges.

He reached his weight-loss goal this past June and now works to maintain that weight. The weight loss has had an immeasurable impact on this life, both at home and at work.

“I’ve developed self-esteem and self-worth that has impacted all areas of my life,” Price said. “I find that I can communicate with people better, socially and professionally. But the nicest thing is just feeling normal.”

The weight loss has also improved his health. His cholesterol, triglycerides and other important indicators of good health are now at normal levels, and he has been able to stop taking medicine for hypertension.

In addition to the Weight Watches community, Price credits his BCM family for helping him in his journey, including Dr. Joseph Coselli, professor of surgery and chief of the division of cardiothoracic surgery; immediate supervisor Dr. Scott LaMaire, professor of surgery; his colleagues; and his BCM physicians, Dr. Jeffrey Steinbauer and Dr. Shayan Izaddoost.

Price’s partner, Alan Stolz, also a BCM employee in the division of cardiothoracic surgery, has lost 92 pounds through Weight Watchers. Now the pair is planning to join a gym, of course taking advantage of discounts offered by BCM to various gyms across the city.

Wellness-related discounts and programs offered by BCM are listed below. Find more information on the human resources website.

  • Weight Watchers: 50 percent off (online and community)
  • My Fit Foods: 15 percent off meal purchases with corporate discount card
  • YMCA Corporate Membership Program
  • LA Fitness Corporate Membership Program: $37.99 monthly rate
  • 24 Hour Fitness Corporate Membership Program
  • BCM Be Healthy Website
  • QuitPower Smoking Cessation Program (available to those enrolled in a BCM health plan)
  • Onsite Biometric Screenings – Coming 2014
  • Wellness Portal – Coming 2014