Autism Center raises awareness among Rusk middle schoolers

In recognition of Autism Awareness Month, students at the Baylor College of Medicine Biotech Academy at Rusk participated in several activities throughout April in partnership with faculty and staff from Baylor and Texas Children’s Hospital. Their projects included decorating their classroom doors with facts and messages about autism spectrum disorder (ASD), participating in the Light it Up Blue Fun Run, and learning about ASD during a visit to the school by experts from Baylor and Texas Children’s.

Students also participated in fundraising activities for the Autism Center at Texas Children’s. On May 17, they presented a check to the Autism Center, which was accepted by Dr. Robin Kochel, associate professor of pediatrics–psychology at Baylor.

“It’s inspiring to know that these students were so motivated to learn about ASD, and it’s important that we educate them about the ways in which individuals with ASD may be different,” Kochel said. “This helps them see things from a new perspective and consider how they can be more patient and supportive of people with special needs.”

Students shared the following reflections on what they learned and how the activities impacted them:

  • Fifth-grade student: “Autism causes people to see the world differently than I do.”
  • Seventh-grade student: “I want to be an ally for my classmates with autism.”
  • Eighth-grade student: “I learned how I can support my friends with autism.”

See photos of students participating in April’s activities and the check presentation to the Autism Center.

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-By Nicole Blanton