Medical student orientation

Welcome new students!

It’s August, and that means there are lots of new faces around the halls of Baylor College of Medicine. New medical school and graduate school students started July 31, with both groups being welcomed at new-student orientations.

Team Launch

Student Corner: Inaugural Team Launch

Two years ago, leadership, faculty, staff and trainees set out to create innovative, interdisciplinary learning opportunities that will prepare students for careers in team-based science and healthcare. The result was a new initiative called Team Launch.

Andrew Lopez

Student Corner: Andrew L. Lopez III

Matters of the heart can be complicated but Andrew L. Lopez III, a second-year graduate student in the Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, is hoping to advance our understanding of them, at least in terms of heart development.

Career Development Center

Student Corner: Career services

After Sean Chang’s dissertation defense for his Ph.D., he began his search for his first job. However, having spent his whole life up to this point as a student immersed in academia, he was uncertain where and how to start.